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Ziggy National Prep Group

At Ziggy, we believe that sharing ideas is one of the best ways to improve cases, briefs, and arguments – so, we’ve created Ziggy National Prep Group, a Dropbox-based sharing system that allows any Ziggy competitor who contributes to have access to other contributors’ shared files.

As an added incentive, we’re including cases and briefs written by Isaac Sommers in the shared files. However, this won’t really be a useful tool for others unless we get as many people as possible to share briefs – and individual sharing benefits everyone exponentially! So sign up, and encourage your friends to sign up too!

Already a member? Scroll down for member-only links, and rules/evidence standards.

Instructions & Sign Up

To participate in Ziggy National Prep Group (ZNPG), you’ll need to submit a Negative Team Policy Brief that has at least 10 pieces of credible, non-repetitive (i.e., multiple cards of evidence from the same source making the same point) evidence. Once your brief has been approved, it’ll be added to the ZNPG Google Drive database, and you’ll be sent an invite to join the Dropbox folder.

Members are not allowed to share material in the ZNPG database with anyone outside of the contributors’ group, although you are welcome to share anything you write yourself with anyone else.

Contributors will be expected to upload at least one (1) Negative brief per month in November and December. From January to May, contributors will be expected to upload at least two (2) Negative briefs per month. Of course, there is no cap on the amount of information you may share – and, the more, the merrier!

That’s it! Just fill out the form below to sign up and become a ZNPG Contributor.

Member Links & Rules

Rules/Evidence Standards

  1. 1.In November and December, each team will be expected to upload at least ONE Negative brief to the prep group Google Drive folder.

  2. 2.In January, February, March, April, and May, each team will be expected to upload at least TWO Negative briefs to the prep group.

  3. 3.Deadlines for brief submission is the 25th of each month. So, the brief due in November will be due by November 25th at the latest.

  4. 4.Evidence standards and information about the standards are as follows:

  5. a)Quality over quantity: it’s better to have a brief with 10 cards that are all from credible sources cited in detail, up to date, non-repetitive, accurate (i.e., in context, not powertagged) and factually and logically valid, than to have a brief with 30 cards of doubtful evidence.

  6. b)Review process: briefs will be reviewed periodically (initially when you sign up, and then every now and then throughout the season). If you notice a brief that doesn’t seem up to par in terms of standards, write a detailed email about it to ziggyonlinedebate@gmail.com and let us know. If you submit a brief that lacks components that are considered to be essential in terms of credibility, relevance, and logical cohesion, you may be asked to fix the brief and re-submit it.

  7. c)Individualized review: eventually, more specific standards will be created for the briefs (likely before January). Until then, we’ll use a process of individualized review of brief quality. (Don’t worry – all comments on brief standards will be reasonable, and clearly explained.)

  8. d)Ten cards of evidence minimum.

6. Sharing of group files is strictly prohibited. No member may share any brief or information contributed by other members of the group with anyone outside the group. This means you can’t share any of this information with anyone in your club, any of your friends, or anyone not in the Ziggy National Prep Group. You are, of course, welcome to share any briefs that you personally write with whomever you want, even if you also contribute that brief to this prep group. Your TP partner may join the group as well, if you are.

  1. 7.There are no brief assignments, but each person may use the spreadsheet to claim a brief topic for a given month. Use the button above to access the spreadsheet and input the brief you plan on contributing.

8. If you join after October, you will be required to submit the minimum number of briefs contributed by other members at the time. (So, if you join in February, there will have been 5 briefs minimum already submitted per member, so you will also have to submit 5 briefs to enter).

Prep Group Brief List

Prep Group Folder