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Ziggy Moot Court

We are excited to offer NCFCA Moot Court starting Spring 2018!

Ziggy Online Debate is pleased to announce that, starting in January of 2018, we will offer Moot Court as another form of debate which students may compete in. Ziggy Moot Court is open to ALL debaters from any high school league (NCFCA, Stoa, UIL, NFL, and others), but will be using the NCFCA Moot Court topic. Ziggy does not offer copies of NCFCA’s Moot Court problem at this time, but you may access that information from NCFCA’s website. All competitors are expected to abide by all Ziggy Rules, including ethics and conduct rules. More details will be forthcoming.

View the Ziggy Moot Court Judge and Debater Orientation here!

How will Ziggy Moot Court work?

Ziggy Moot Court will function very similarly to the way Ziggy runs now: 8 rounds of debate will be offered in the Spring for Ziggy Moot Court, semi-concurrently* with Ziggy LD and TP, and during the same weeks that Ziggy Parli is offered. Debaters are free to participate in Moot Court alongside TP and/or LD, but are still responsible for completing each week’s rounds. However, since Ziggy offers flexible debate scheduling, debaters are more than welcome to sign up for multiple forms of debate, and switch between them week to week. Simply let us know in advance (i.e., before Sunday, or ideally, your weekly preferences ahead of time) and we can adjust things as needed.

Ziggy Moot Court will allow NCFCA competitors to debate online with other debaters using NCFCA’s Moot Court problem for the 2017-2018 season.

Because of the nature of Moot Court, judges and competitors will need to be able to quickly interrupt and respond to questions, respectively. Thus, it is strongly recommended that debaters and judges alike use headphones, and is required that judges have access to a microphone as well.

Moot Court-specific debater guidelines and judge orientation will be posted in the coming weeks on the Ziggy website for all to have access to and review.

All official rules for Ziggy Moot Court will be posted on the Rules/FAQ page, and you can keep an eye on all changes to all rules/policies on that page.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for Ziggy Moot Court now! Simply go to the signup page and fill out the signup form, but select Moot Court as your form of debate. Be sure to list your debate partner as well, and tell them to sign up too.

*SCHEDULING: Ziggy in the Spring for LD and TP has rounds that take place every other week. Ziggy Moot Court will take place during the weeks that LD & TP do not take place; LD and TP will start first. See more details on the Ziggy Calendar.

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