Ziggy Online Debate


Ziggy Online Debate is an online debate practice tournament (run by veteran NCFCA and Stoa debater Isaac Sommers) that allows debaters from all across the nation to compete and debate online using the NCFCA or Stoa TP and LD resolutions (competitors from each league, of course, will only debate competitors from their own league). We’ve had hundreds of participants in Ziggy over the last several years, and we’re excited to announce we are expanding Ziggy to the Spring (minimum of 12 participants per form of debate required)!

Ziggy Online Debate provides 10 online rounds in the Fall. Ziggy will start the first week of October and go through the middle of December. In the Spring, Ziggy will have 8 online rounds from January 15, 2017 to April 23, 2017.

After Round 4, debaters will be power-matched against other debaters with similar records. At the end of the debates, results will be available, and final placements of the top 40% (based on win/loss records, speaker points, and completion of rounds) and all winning records will be published.

You can sign up for Ziggy at any time, be it Early Signup, or signing up during the competition.

It only costs $20 to sign up for Ziggy in the Spring! (Early Signup for Ziggy in Fall 2017 is $25)

Sign up before 12 PM CST on Sunday to make it into the next round!
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Limited scholarships are available!

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See Final Results for Fall 2016!
Ziggy in the Spring 2017: 8 rounds for $20 – sign up now, Stoa & NCFCA!
Ziggy is now hosting a National Prep Group for participants!
From 2012 to 2015, at least one of the NCFCA National Championship Finalists was a Ziggy Competitor. See full NCFCA results of Ziggy debaters here!