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“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer.”

–Psalms 19:14

Having been to Integrity Communications debate camp for two years in a row, I can say that it has definitely been an invaluable tool for getting a jumpstart on the debate season. It combines in-depth analysis of the resolution with the debate training of some of the most successful past competitors to set you up to debate in a
way that both glorifies God and promises a successful competition season!

–Jordan Hahn, 2016 TP Regional Champion

As you get to a more advanced level, you tend to underestimate your need for a debate camp. Yet, when wonderful and godly instructors help you delve into the topic (more than a Wikipedia summary), reinforce communication skills, and remind you of your ineffective debate habits that you have developed over the years (and how to stop them, of course), debate camp ends up always being worth your time. Integrity Communication camps are the best option for beginner up to advanced and everyone in between!

–Maddy Joyce, 2016 TP Regional Champion

Last summer I attended an Integrity Communications debate camp. Every minute was extremely helpful, whether it was learning the specifics of the resolution, finding new ways to connect to your judges, or putting your newly acquired skills to the test during the mini-tournament. The teachers (successful NCFCA alumni) are superb, and use their personal experiences to show practical applications of the techniques they teach. I have been blessed to have a very successful season in NCFCA, and I'm certain that I wouldn't have done nearly as well if I hadn't attended this camp.                                                                         –Ethan Riojas, 2015 LD Regional Champion

"Why hasn't anyone taught [Intro to Team Policy] debate like this before? I understood more in 3 days than the previous 5 years together!"

–T. Birrell

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What’s the key to success? According to Forbes Magazine, Fortune Magazine, and many experts, it’s communication. To this end, many camps focus only on competitive success.


Communication without integrity is a recipe for long-term failure.

Integrity Communication Speech & Debate Camps combine excellence in speaking, critical thinking, ethical conduct, and integrity



Integrity Communication was founded by Brenda Sommers (debate mom and coach) and Isaac Sommers (debate coach, 6-year alumni, and collegiate debater) in order to teach camps that emphasize:

  1. 1.Integrity and Christian ethical conduct are inseparable from effective communication.

  2. 2.Effective communication requires the use of critical thinking skills and adapting to your audience.

Do these principles work? See the success of our students and the testimonials of them and their parents!

At every Texas NCFCA tournament in 2014, there has been at least one person who attended our camps in both TP and LD Finals (as well as the Idaho National Open in TP).

In 2013, at every Texas and Oklahoma tournament, there was at least one person who attended Integrity Communication camps in LD Finals.

In 2016, the Region 4 TP and LD Champions either attended an Integrity Communication debate camp, or received coaching from Isaac Sommers.

So, what are our camps like?

Integrity Communication Camps will focus on NCFCA topics, but are open to all high school students. All students are instructed on how to analyze the foundational ideas behind policy issues and values from an objective, logical perspective, how to utilize critical thinking skills, how to create winsome speeches and debate cases, and how to connect with the audience.

All students will be able to participate in multiple practice debate rounds where they can apply the valuable skills they learn at camp to an actual round.

    Students at the camp will not only be taught how to debate well, but even more importantly, how to articulate their thoughts in a respectful and intelligent manner that brings glory to our Father in Heaven.

Camp Schedule

Intro TP Camp
@ Sugar Land, TX
Aug 7–9, 2017

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Some testimonials from former attendees…

The Region 4 Lincoln Douglas Debate Champion in 2015 attended an Integrity Communication debate camp.


Parents may attend the camp with their students for FREE!
(no recording allowed)




Private Int/Adv TP Camp
@ Living Water Ranch, Boerne, TX
Aug 14–16, 2017

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