Ziggy Online Debate



All types of ballots are available here. Simply click a ballot and it will download.

You can also download a Ziggy Flowpad for easy flowing on your computer.

Ballots last updated Oct 23, 2016.

Tips on contacting your judge and opponent

Contact your opponent first and arrange some possible times to debate with them.
Find a judge on the Judges List that is available for the time you and your opponent planned on.

Contact your judge and politely inform them of who you are debating, the date that you would like to debate, and the time, and ask them if they would be available to judge you at that time.

Contact your opponent the day that the pairing email comes out

Politely ask your judge to forward the ballot to ziggyonlinedebate@gmail.com so teams can be power matched.

TP Ballot

Microsoft Word (.doc)Ballots_files/Ziggy%20TP%20Ballot,%20v6_1.doc
TP Ballot

Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx)Ballots_files/Ziggy%20TP%20Ballot,%20v6_1.docx
TP Ballot

Pages (Apple’s iWork)Ballots_files/Ziggy%20TP%20Ballot,%20v6_1.pages
LD Ballot

Microsoft Word (.doc)Ballots_files/Ziggy%20LD%20Ballot,%20v5_1.doc
LD Ballot

Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx)Ballots_files/Ziggy%20LD%20Ballot,%20v5_1.docx
LD Ballot

Pages (Apple’s iWork)Ballots_files/Ziggy%20LD%20Ballot,%20v5_1.pages
TP Ballot (OLD)

Open Document Text (OpenOffice, LibreOffice)Ballots_files/Ziggy%20TP%20Ballot,%20v5%20OO_1.odt
LD Flowpad

Pages (Apple’s iWork)Ballots_files/Ziggy%20Flowpad%201.2_1.pages
TP Flowpad

Pages (Apple’s iWork)Ballots_files/Ziggy%20Sourcebook%20TP%20Flowpad_1.pages
Parli Ballot

Microsoft Word (.doc)Ballots_files/Ziggy%20Parli%20Ballot%20v1_1.doc
Parli Ballot

Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx)Ballots_files/Ziggy%20Parli%20Ballot%20v1_1.docx
Parli Ballot

Pages (Apple’s iWork)Ballots_files/Ziggy%20Parli%20Ballot%20v1_1.pages
Moot Court Ballot

Microsoft Word (.doc)Ballots_files/Ziggy%20Parli%20Ballot%20v1_2.doc